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Hello ladies (and gentlemen) how are you all doing? Well this week… - Good Girls Don't Swallow [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Real Fat Anas

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[Jan. 25th, 2006|01:50 pm]
The Real Fat Anas


Hello ladies (and gentlemen) how are you all doing? Well this week has been okay i have been busy studying so that keeps me away from temtation for a bit. The week will end rough though my dad's birthday is on friday so pizza cake etc, then that night i go to my best friends birthday party (sleepover for her 16th bday) then the next morning the sleepover ends at 12 but i go right from there with three of the other girls to another person's house for a surprise birthday party for one of my best guy friends. That ends at 5 and then finally i get to come home and rest up a bit. Not to tell you my life story but basically all that mean food food and more food. I am hoping to withstand binging while allowing myself minimal amounts. I know if i try to eat none of it i will end up binging at one time or another so i figure very tiny amount would be better. Though i know no bday cake for me! Anyway after that rough weekend i am very happy to say that wednesday i am eligable to join the gym again :) I only do the three month trials but its better than nothing and hopefully it will jump start me to look in tip top shape for summer! I do have picture of myself to post but i need to figure out how to do it without taking up all of your friends pages (i knwo an lj cut but it doesn't seem to want to work for me) anyway hope y'all are doing well and keep up the good work

best wishes

justine rebecca

x-posted :)