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The Real Fat Anas

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[Jan. 9th, 2006|09:26 pm]
The Real Fat Anas


I have to say it feels really to finally get some good responses to my entries and writings because it makes me feel like people are listening and care. As stupid and childish as it sounds it makes me feel wanted i dont know but its just like when i have nowhere to go here at home in my everyday life i can come here and i have all of you so thank you!

Well my new years resolution was to loose weight but getting away with measl became harder and harder, as in getting away with it and my willpower and self confidence plummited to a new low, the combonation of those got me nowhere. So i tried eating meals but cutting down my overall take in of food. I ahve to say it is working quite well. I have been doing it for the past 5-6 days adn i love it. I start the morning with a piece of fruit or a small bowl of cereal. Then for lunch i have a piece of fruit and a small sandwhich or a few crackers. Normally in my lunch i also get a snack but i save that and when i get home instead of binging and eating tons i eat my snack from my lunch slowly. Yes no snack would be better but i have to take baby steps. I am still consuming a whole lunch but it is spread over the course of a few hours nad it causes me to not take in any extra food. Then at dinner i have small protions of whatever i want but i do not get seconds i eat what is on my plate and that is it. Then at night if i get hungry i drink water. It might seem like quite a bit but for me it is working well so for now i will stick to that until i am doing good enough to cut it down again. Also i am working out most of the days, and feb 8th i can go bakc and join the gym again for the three month membership :) yay

Overall i am happy at the fact that i am sticking with this new bit dna nto giving up but i do have to thank al of you for your wonderful support. Hope everyong else is ding well

-someday those small size jeans will fit...dont believe me, then lets bet on it, i will win oh i will-

justine rebecca